Dr. Panda Daycare App Reviews

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Super cool

This game is so fun. Im nine and I like it never gets boring!


I love this game they should make A school and they should have for the parents pick them up I am 13 and I still love the game I could play for hours and hours I never get tired of it. You should get it

Awesome game!!!! So much fun! So many things to do! And you dont have to be under five to love this! But I am sure people five years and under would like this too.


4 year old thought this game was boring. Waste of money.


Otherwise supercalifragilisticexpialidocius

Fabulous game

Your game is fabulous .I think you should make a new dr panda game. It should be dr pandas pet store . The customers can come in and buy a new pet at the till. And wen a customer buys a pet at the till you will earn money to buy more pets for your pet shop . And you can feed the pets in your shop and you can give the children candy .


This game is great but when you crack an egg on the pan and flip it it gets stuck. Over all a really good game though.

I love this game

I love this game. But You should have a Dr. Pandas school house. It could have a class room, lockers, a playground, a girl and boy bathroom, a principals room, a music room, a gym room, a art room, a library, a computer room, a class teacher, a principal, a music teacher, a gym teacher, a art teacher, a librian, a computer teacher, AND STUDENTS!


I love this app!!!! The animals are so CUTE!!!

Needs some improvements...

My daughter loves all the Dr Panda apps, when she asked for this one I figured it would be a good way to show her how FUN school can be what maybe ease her nervousness about starting preschool (3yr old) in a few weeks. Boy was I WRONG! This app made it soooo much worse for her! The look on her face when she realized the parents dont come back for the babies was awful! I wish I would have known but considering u drop them off u would think the school day ended at some point...and the kids need to TALK or something. U just slide them from room to room, idk its not very exciting. I would have givin this a much higher rating if the parents came back for the baby and like many others said, a bathroom or diaper thing would be GREAT! I just feel like after a few seconds in the game it gets really boring, even for a 3 yr old! Great concept just not so great follow thro...especially for the money!

Best game ever

Love this game! Best game ever! Its hours of fun for little ones. No timers or in app purchases. I wish their parents could pick the little ones up though. I find surprises every day like you can give them balloons, you can close the curtains, and you can even shake the tree and acorns come out! I recommend getting this app! You wont regret it!!!!!


Daughter loves all of the Dr Panda apps

Love! LOVE!

I <3 animals and pandas..but there is no baby panda! Its still a great game though


Fantastic game! My 3.5 year old daughter loves it BUT there is no parent pick up!!!!! Please please please update and add a parent pick up so my daughter does not think the kids were abandoned.

I love this app."!

Great app....."""!!!


If it is a daycare then why dont the parents come back? Are we suppose to keep them for ever?


Its a really fun game!!! But they should add a bathroom!!! And they should add the baby sheep the baby raccoon!!!

Are u kidding me?!

The game is cute but it keeps shutting down on me and why dont the parents pick them up?huh?

Great app!

Definitely worth the money! My 5 year old autistic daughter, and my 3 year old son both love this app! They love being able to put the babies to bed, and let them swim! There are so many fun things to do! I do agree that having the parents pick them up throughout the day would be a good idea. Then other parents can drop off their babies! I bathroom would be a good idea, and diapering area, too. Thanks!

Awesome app

This is the best app in the world .You can give the babys balloons!

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